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  • 500TX3BTTN

    Wireless Alarm button with 3 different textmessages.

    Complete with mounting plate, lanyard.

    € 114,95
  • 500TRX-IO Contact transmitter/receiver
    500TRX-IO Contact transmitter/receiver

    Contact Transmitter with 4 inputs for connecting to Buddy Button, Bedmat, Infrared movement detection etc.

    Will transmit with clear textmessage on display 500RX with contact triggered.

    Also build in 4 relays for external…

    € 356,95
  • Panic Button Paging set
    Panic Button Paging set

    Wireless panicbutton with clear textmessage on 500RX pager.

    € 393,25
  • 500RP Repeater
    500RP Repeater

    Repeater for extending range of 400TX, 500TX(1)(3)BTTN or 500TRX-IO Contact transmitter.

    Optional programmable for 1 hour system check, error detection, last repeater readout also on 500RX pager.

    € 332,75
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